• What size MiniK should I get? 

  • MiniK Non-Slip Shoes are manufactured with flexible and stretchy fabric which allows them to fit up or down a size without compromising its comfort. We would recommend to buy your kid’s foot size or length, you may refer to MiniK Size Chart on Sizing Help page. If your kid is typically in between sizes, going up a size can help you use it for longer. 

  • Do MiniK have removable insoles? 

  • No, The MiniK insoles are sown into the fabric so they are not removable which makes them more comfortable and easy to wear and take off for your kids. 

  • Are MiniK soles guaranteed not to slip? 

  • Please remember that NO sole is 100% slip-proof. Our soles are slip-resistant, which means that they help to reduce slip and fall accidents.

  • What are MiniK shoes are made of? 

  • MiniK Shoes have a split leather sole for the floor grip to prevent slipping on wet/dry surfaces and the outer material is made of stretchy and flexible fabric which is breathable and quick-dry for the water activities. 

  • How do I care MiniK shoes? 

  • It is kindly recommended to wash your MiniKs in warm water with mild soap or shampoo. Please air dry inside out to prevent fading colours from direct sunlight. Do not iron and machine wash and detergent usage are not recommended. 

  • Is this website secure ?  

  • Yes, This website is powered by Shopify which is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. That’s why Shopify is one of the safest, most popular ecommerce platforms in the world and We collaborate with them by almost every measure. 

  • You sent me a damaged item, what should I do?
  • We are careful to ensure all of our shoes are in top condition, however in the rare case that we send you a faulty item please notify us within 48 hours of receiving your purchase.

    You can email us at info@minik.co.uk where one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you shortly.